Khunchanok Dental Clinic has been established since 1986. Our vision is to be a high international standard dental clinic which renders comprehensive dental care.

After more than 28 years of experiences we have been working to achieve our goal and now we have expanded our clinic, facilities and services with more high technologies and state of the art treatment in modern dentistry. We have a team of dental specialists in most areas of dentistry to serve our patients’ need. Our clinic has more than 300 square meters of space with 6 treatment rooms equipped with modern dental units to ensure high precision dental treatment and patient’s comfort during treatment. We emerged to be a digital dental clinic with digital dental x-ray and equip with the most efficient Dental CT Scan combined with a digital face scan for the high precision diagnosis and treatment plan for any lesions or abnormalities in the teeth, jaw and face.

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Our Service

Dental implants

We have more than 15 years of experiences in dental implant with a team of surgeons and prosthodontists specialized in dental implant working closely together. Correct and reconstruct defects of the jaw bones for proper implant prosthesis.

Design fixed and removable implant prosthesis to suit the need of each individual patients. All implant patients will be reviewed for years to ensure the long term function of the implants.


We don’t just only treat the simple orthodontic patients but also treat the more complicated cases involving dental, jaw bone and facial discrepancies which require both orthodontic and surgical correction.

We do consultation among patients, orthodontists and surgeon for the most appropriate and realistic treatment plan to ensure the best result and outcome to suite each individual patient. We have most of the orthodontic equipment and appliances to suit each patient’s need.

Oral Surgery

Most oral surgical procedures such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, gum surgery, salivary gland diseases, treatment of temporomandibular joint problems, orthognathic surgery, cysts and tumors of the jaw and oral tissue will be treated by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

All procedures under local anesthesia will be performed in the clinic and those under general anesthesia will be treated in a general hospital.

Endodontic or root canal treatment

We focus on keeping patients’ teeth for a lifetime. We have experienced endodontists who will look after all root canal treatment in the teeth with infected pulp tissue and could function after treatment to prevent tooth loss and keep those teeth to retain and function.

Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry

We have restorative dentists to look after all dental restoration such as filling, veneer, crowns and etc. for healthy and beautiful teeth to improve patient’s self-esteem and increase quality of life.

We do teeth whitening with both home breaching or in clinic breaching using modern equipment such as Zoom light curing machine for immediate white teeth.

Our Technology

We have a high quality 3 dimensional digital x-ray machine with integrate with 3D face photo ( Planmeca ProMax 3D with Proface ), a very efficient and latest technology for treatment planning in oral surgery, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment and an effective communication tool for patients to understand their dental problems.

We integrate other digital dental technology in our treatment. All dental and surgical equipment are sterilized to ensure a standard infection control.

Dental CBCT scan

We have a modern Dental cone beam computed tomography with laser face scan which provides a high resolution images for a precise diagnosis of jaw and facial bone diseases and deformities that can provide precise treatment plans particularly in dental implant and other jaw and facial surgery. This machine offers a lower patient radiation dose than the standard two-dimensional imaging x-ray machine.

Zoom (Tooth whitening)

We provide bleaching and whitening service with Zoom Systen from Philips. Zoom is a famous and well-know dental bleaching as a result of three to eight shades whiter from the first dental visit. Moreover this sytem also gives patients an experience of little to no tooth sensitivity.

Intraoral Imaging system

We have a modern digital intraoral X-ray unit (Planmeca ProX) and a high resolution intraoral sensor(Planmeca ProSensor) which very low radiation which enhance the quality of our treatment, patient’s comfort and safety.

Variety of orthodontic treament systems

คุณชนกคลินิกให้บริการการจัดฟันในหลายระบบ ทั้งระบบมาตรฐาน (metal braces/traditional braces) ระบบเซรามิก (ceramic braces) ระบบ self-ligating bracket (Empower) และ ระบบการจัดฟันชนิดใส (Invisalign)

Dental Unit

The clinic equipped with premium dental chairs (Planmeca Sovereign and Planmeca Chair) which offer the most comfort for patients during treatment. Moreover, these dental units comes with high quality dental handpieces and other equipment for the superior touch.

Our Facilities

Our aim is to deliver the best services we can to all patients. Our treatment rooms are large enough for patients’ comfort and privacy. We have modern dental chairs which are more comfortable to patients to sit during lengthy dental treatment. We have high efficiency sterilization equipment to ensure all sterilization process to meet high medical standard. We have the most modern dental CT scan machine, a comfort waiting area serving hot and cold drink, Wi-fi for personal internet access and also website for all patients to get in touch.

Our Dentists

Dr. Somchai  Sessirisombat  

DDS, MD, MSc, Mphil ศัลยกรรมช่องปาก ขากรรไกรและใบหน้า

Dr. Trakol  Mekayarajjananonth  

DDS, MSc, Dip American Board of Prosthodontics ทันตกรรมประดิษ์และทันตกรรมรากเทียม

Dr. Jantra Sessirisombat

DDS, Cert in Enododontics Endodontics รักษาคลองรากฟัน

Dr. Amornrud Khumkomgul

DDS, MSc (Endodontics)


Dr. Chonlaya Bumrungruan

DDS, Cert. in Operative Dentistry (Residency Training Program)

Restorative and Esthetic dentistry

Dr. Napat Damrongsirirat

DDS, Diplomate in Oral&Maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Pisal Sampatanukul



Dr. Narinee Chinajitphan

DDS, Cert in Pediatric Dentistry (Residency Training Program)

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Suchon  Pultong

DDS, MSc, Dip in Orthodontics   


Dr. Kunanond pongsakornvanich

DDS, Clin.Sc. (oral and maxillofacial surgery), Cert. in dental implant

Dr. Peeranoot  Pajayakrit  

DDS, DClinDent(Orthodontics)


Dr. Patchara Pipatanagovit


General dentistry

Dr. Chidchanok Sessirisombat

DDS, M.Phil, DClinDent (Orthodontics), MOrth (Edin)


ทญ. สีตลา แสงกาญจนวนิช

DDS, Certificate in Orthodontics, Ph.D in dentistry

สาขา ทันตกรรมจัดฟัน

ทพ. อนุพันธ์ สิทธิโชคชัยวุฒิ

DDS, Mphil, Cert. in Dental Implant, PhD

สาขา ปริทันตวิทยา รักษาโรคเหงือก


Khunchanok Dental Clinic 
522/70 Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 
M: 089-202-8900 
T: (+66)2-246-2915 / (+66)2-246-7343 
Line: khunchanok 

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How to get to us?

Khunchanok Clinic is located at the Asoke-Dindaeng road next to the Kasikorn Bank about 200 meters to the Rama 9 intersection. There is some car park available near the clinic. Patients can also find car park at the Fortune Town building or at the Central Rama 9 car part and take a short walk to the clinic. However, taking the MRT (Exit1) is the most convenient way of transport

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